It is definitely worth spending a day in Paestum, the ancient city of the Magna Grecia called by the founders Poseidonia in honour to Poseidon.

The archaeological park is very well kept and you can visit the ancient temples.

In Paestum, in fact, there are three temples of the Doric order, miraculously survived in excellent condition, as to be regarded as unique examples of the Magna Graecia, respectively dedicated to Hera and Athena.

Paying a visit  to the Paestum temples is like a journey through time, you can dwell in the various places and imagine the Greeks’ life, their activities, the scenes at the theatre. The city, in the inside, looks great, very different from how it looks from the outside, which highlights mainly  temples, the arena and the theatre.

Distance from the B&B: 50 km

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