Vietri sul Mare

Once in Vietri sul Mare, the first stop is the Church of St. John the Baptist, in the heart of the historical centre, at the end of an alley, the structure turns out as by magic. The dome of the church is made of coloured majolica, within a Greek cross dated XV century. If this is the real pulsing heart of the beautiful village,  unmissable  are also the picturesque views of the alley. A careful observer will linger and enjoy the many painted corners, adorned with beautiful handmade majolica, as they were made in past times. This is the village where the art of figoli and ceramai is among the most deeply rooted in Europe and for this reason in May and June there is an important scene completely dedicated to this art chermesse.

From some belvedere you can see the magic of the blue Tirreno.  You can even reach perfectly equipped beaches , on foot. Vietri is full of art and moreover paying a visit to the Provincial Museum of Ceramics in the context of Villa Guariglia will be a very richly  emotional experience. Here, there are examples of old Vietri ceramics and are exhibited along with latest installations of the Museum Cargaliero Manuel, specialized in contemporary ceramics.

From Vietri you can move to different places. Undoubtedly there  will be a stop to Oasis of Bosco Croce near Monte Falerio. Here, vineyards, orchards, forests and gorse enlighten wonderful days, a paradise for the naturalists who love to observe  closely hawks, ravens, foxes, wild boars, owls and more.

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